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Kleanwell's end to end stainless steel services are created to ensure your asset is completely rejuvenated and maintained. Our services are safe, environmentally and most importantly scratch free. Our mission is to bring back to life your asset and reduce your maintenance costs.

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Reduce Maintenance Cost

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Improve Aesthetics

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Increase Life Time Cycle

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Improve Cleaning Efficiency

Kleanwell's specialist stainless steel solution always guarantees a zero defect hand over.

With over a decade of specialist cleaning experience, Kleanwell always ensures your stainless steel are seamlessly handed over with no defects and the quality you are after.

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Scratch removal

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Rust and Tea Stain Removal

Our scratch less and safe solutions ensures we remove the toughest of stains and build up, whilst restoring the original stainless steel shine. This solutions coupled with our complementary coatings keeps your stainless steel cleaner for longer.


  • Rejuvenate and revive your stainless steel

  • Cleaner for longer

  • No more harmful rust removal methods

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Deep Cleaning and Polishing

Deep cleaning and polishing ensures all surfaces are left shinning and polished and free from all surface contaminants. This solution assists with reducing your maintenance costs for your cleaning scope of works.


  • Reduce your maintenance costs

  • Revive and rejuvenate your stainless steel

  • Improve cleaning and stainless steel performance


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  • Preventative maintenance over reactive maintenance

  • Cost reduction in cleaning

  • Remaining compliance

Auditing and compliance

Our auditing program is solely focused on preventative maintenance and recommendations. Ensuring your assets do not become liabilities. Our main focus is to make sure your assets are being maintained to the manufacturers and installers guidelines, whilst educating the cleaners on how to maintain the lifts.


Scratch Removal

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Scratch removal

Our Scratch removal solution is to ensure your stainless steel is free from any accidental or repeat scratches. Our solution is not only just to rejuvenate your stainless steel, but to assist you in post application to ensure you minimise the amount of scratches on your stainless steel in the future. This can be in the form of coatings and transparent film.


  • Removal of scratches

  • Preventative maintenance schedule

  • Minimising future costs


Our Coatings

Pressing the Elevator Button

Anti-Bacterial Coatings

Our anti-bacterial solution is focused on keeping away any harmful bacteria and viruses when the cleaners aren't there. Our TGA approved for 105 days ensures your safer for longer, giving you peace of mind that our solutions are working when no one is around. 


  • Continuous quality performance via swabbing

  • Solutions working while you sleep

  • Reduction in chemical usage

  • reduction in damaged stainless steel and accessories from chemicals


Stainless Steel Coatings

Our stainless steel coating solutions are used only when additional protection is necessary. Stainless steel is durable in of itself, but once exposed to the elements and environment it does tend to dim in its appearance. Our coatings are provided for high traffic and stainless steel highly exposed to harsh environments such as sea air.


  • Reduction of finger prints and tea staining

  • Reduction of deep cleaning frequency

  • Aestheticaly pleasing for longer

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Kleanwell’s Suggested Solutions

Stainless Steel Looking dull, milky and tired?

Our deep cleaning and rejuvenating solutions will bring back to life your stainless steel as it initially was.

Lift surfaces need a freshen up?

Lift surface deep cleaning is a sure way to brighten up your assets and reducing the time needed to clean. 

Looking at ways to reduce cost?

Our coating and deep cleaning service is the simplest way to achieve this goal. Solutions that are 1 through to 10 year programs to suit your budget.

When you know it just isn't clean and somethings is the air?

This is when the microscopic germs and bacteria are out to play. Do not worry, our testing and solutions are a sure way to bring back the true clean feeling.

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