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Tenanted Buildings
Solutions to reduce maintenance costs and improve asset aesthetics.

Kleanwell’s your go to company before you make a decision to see what improvements you can do for your building. As a hard surface and anit-bacterial specialist, we know what to do to extend the life time of your assets, reduce your maintenance costs, improving the hygiene of your building, all whilst retaining your existing contractors. We are a cleaning company and we know what works for you.

Kleanwell’s building solutions is focused on your main priority. Longevity and aesthetics.

With over a decade of specialist cleaning experience, Kleanwell’s focus is hard surface treatments and antibacterial application to maximise your buildings aesthetics, safety and existing scope of works.

Plan your space with us

Rejuvenate without compromise.
Our goal is restore and bring back to new your assets whilst maintaining your existing building scope of work. Specialist services focused on your biggest issues.

All your cleaning and restoration needs covered.
Our services range from stainless steel cleaning and rust removal to hard surface and anti-bacterial coatings and odour control to ensure we deliver on your building requirements. Nothing short of perfect.

Outcome driven and focused.
Our services and solutions are based on transparent and tangible outcomes. This ensures we do not leave anything up to chance and all outcomes are monitored to make sure we deliver and go beyond your expectations.

Services and solutions
Building specific services


Rust and Tea Stain Removal

Scratches and safe solutions to remove the toughest of stains whilst restoring the original stainless steel shine

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Deep Cleaning and Polishing

Deep cleaning and polishing ensures all surfaces are left shinning and polished and free from all surface contaminants

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Hard Surface Coatings

Our hard surface coatings deals with mould, mildue and moss issues through to R4 and R5 anti-slip coatings. All specifically targeted to problematic areas to reduce cost and improve aesthetics.

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Stainless steel and Glass Coatings

Multiple coatings for multiple applications. The main goal is to improve aesthetics and rejuvenate the surfaces whilst significantly reducing your maintenance costs.

Air Filter

Odour Control

Kleanwell's odour control solution is TGA approved and focused on removal of all airborne odours, bacterias and virus from the air, without installing new machines or equipment. Treat don't mask it.

Sanitizing Products

Anti-bacterial Coatings

105 day, TGA approved coatings to ensure your high touch points are working against germs and bacteria while we sleep. Do not worry we audit the performance of the coating

Kleanwell’s Suggested Solutions

Stainless Steel Looking dull, milky and tired?

Our deep cleaning and rejuvenating solutions will bring back to life your stainless steel as it initially was.

Hard surfaces need a freshen up?

Hard surface deep cleaning is a sure way to brighten up your building and reducing the time needed to clean.

Looking at ways to reduce cost?

Our coating and deep cleaning service is the simplest way to achieve this goal. Solutions that are 1 through to 10 year programs to suit your budget.

When you know it just isn't clean and somethings is the air?

This is when the microscopic germs and bacteria are out to play. Do not worry, our testing and solutions are a sure way to bring back the true clean feeling.

Where can we reduce your costs?

Kleanwell definitely know cleaning right down to how to properly clean and protect all types of resilient and stainless steel finishes.

- Benjamin Lloyd,
Director of Trinity Quality Interiors

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