Project - Heritage Brick Kiln

Kleanwell was engaged to protect and maintain this asset as part of a quarterly maintenance program. What was most important to the client was to ensure there was no vegetation growing, as well no debris floating around. The removal of efflorescence from the perimeter walls was extremely important to the client, as salt leaching from the tiles, untreated can damage the brick structure. As part of the brief we also had to dispose of all the rubbish and debris, relevel the surrounding pebbles, wash down the walls and the frames and do detailed glass cleaning using GECA approved products.

Being a heritage site from 1912 there were certain parameters we had to work within in order to get the job completed. We begin every job by firstly understanding what we are working with. We understood and had to diagnose the strength and the fragility of the structure, and then where and how the efflorescence was coming out in the surrounding structure. We undertook a risk assessment which focused on understanding the stability of the structure and surrounding areas, as well as researching the presence of any asbestos, lead and or hazardous particles. We then established a scope of works which addressed any potential risk based on our risk assessment which were reported to the client. We executed this and reported to the client a successful outcome as the original bricks are kept in their almost brand new condition

We helped to preserve history in it’s almost original state. Being over 100 years old, the Brickpit has continued to be almost in its original condition by the team at Kleanwell within this type of environment and understanding the right chemicals to use and how to effectively treat the asset in its condition. Overall, we reduced the dust, debris and vegetation growth on the bricks and maintained the integrity of the site. Through consistent maintenance we have cleaned and protected this site, making it more enticing for those to come and visit, and