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Fitness Center

Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions

Optimum training and area's are created with the clients goal in mind. No longer compromise any training results with unclean and unhygienic facilities.

We are driven by being transparent. From over a decade in the cleaning industry, we know what our customers, clients and

partners want. They want to see transparent cleaning outcomes.

Our commitment to being transparent is the heart of what we do and who we are. From our communication to staff and clients, right through to the cleaning outcomes we deliver and of course to working within various budgets. Transparency is what drives us, and what makes us different.


Anti-Bacterial coatings, air and moisture management

Our anti-bacterial coatings and air and moisture services are to ensure that the unseen issues in your facilities are dealt with. our Antibacterial program ensures that your facility is kept to the highest  level of cleanliness and working even when no one is around fighting against surface bacteria. Our air and moisture solutions are focused towards air quality and other moisture issues you may have which may cause mould and airborne contaminants.


  • Compliments current cleaning activity

  • Reduces cleaning costs from contractors

  • Assists in avoiding accidental cross contamination

  • Re-application only between 2 - 3 months depending on activity

  • Scientifically proven with TGA approval

  • Consistently measured to ensure you are achieving the highest possible hygiene standards

  • Reduce carbon footprint with disposable wipes

  • Mitigate risk against claims

  • Peace of mind with a consistently hygienically clean facility

  • Transparent cleaning outcomes consistently

Modern Gym

Asset Maintenance and Hard Surface Coatings

Our asset maintenance and hard surface coatings specifically target areas of high traffic and high usage. This is due to the fact of having tight constraints and inability to focus on continuous deep cleaning of your assets. This may include; bathroom tiles on walls and floors, internal concrete or pavement areas and other hard surfaces. 

Coating and protecting assist in the lifecycle and longevity of your assets, improves aesthetics of your assets and most importantly reduces the risk of permanent damage or high cost of restoration.

Pool Beds


  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Minimal residual clean up required

  • No caustic, bleach or harsh chemicals required for cleaning. Keeping your bathrooms safer

  • Anti-bacterial activity reducing mildew and mould build up between cleans

  • Re-application every 3 - 15 years depending on coating and traffic

  • Consistently clean surfaces, making it easier for routine cleaning

  • Provides transparent cleaning outcomes consistently

Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

Complex problems

From time to time, we all come across issues that are unable to quiet easily be fixed. Even as contractors we at times face these issues. At Kleanwell, we are fortunate to be able to have partnered with industry experts in their field that are the leading there field and here to assist when needed. 

There may be an air and moisture issue in which our HVAC engineer and specialist will come in to lend a hand or a structural issue with water ingress, our engineers are more than happy to help. 


Complimentary services

We understand one great axiom when dealing and engaging with our clients. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

We know that most times, we are all happy with what we currently have, but are looking for that extra more. This is where Kleanwell's services work hand in hand with your existing operations. Our services improve and enhance your existing operations so you can consistently achieve more with what you currently have. 

You can add on:

1- Anti-bacterial coatings

2- Hard surface coatings

3- Air and moisture testing

4- Remediation and restoration

5- 3rd party auditing and compliance

Or a combination of any.

Gym Equipments

Claim your complimentary facility assessment here Valued at $1,500*

How it is working with us

Kleanwell definitely know cleaning right down to how to properly clean and protect all types of resilient and stainless steel finishes.

- Benjamin Lloyd,
Director of Trinity Quality Interiors