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We can work alongside you to create the action plan you need to help your organisation run smoother. Our advisory service focuses on just two things: Site establishment and ongoing compliance.

Work Place Create

Workplace Create is the process of creating your fundamental requirements for cleaning and hygiene within your workplace. It all comes down to the 4 out 5 key stages that we have identified in any cleaning scope, irrespective of what needs to be completed prior to any executional work commenced. 


In our decade of experience, this fundamental process has either been overlooked or not established correctly. Which leads to the downfall of health and hygiene of the workplace and its members, which inevitably leads to confusion between all key stakeholders. 


The benefits of correctly establishing your workplace, site or project correctly carries its weight in gold we believe. Why? Very rarely will you need to change the scope of works, irrespective of what influences may be around. 

Workplace Comply

Workplace Comply is a systematic approach to ensuring that the objectives you have set out to achieve gets done. Workplace compliance is the most common cause of mismanaged time, high financial costs and staff issues. 


Why, you ask? Workplace auditing is only a fraction of ensuring that the work gets done, and this is generally a reactive approach to compliance. Our workplace compliance is an all inclusive package of live workplace monitoring and workplace auditing to ensure all aspects of the operational process is being completed.

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