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About Kleanwell

We do everything the way we do because we believe in challenging the way businesses operate. In turn, the way we create our products, services and solutions is focused on removing the day to day operational struggles of organisations. 

Driven by our mission to help streamline your operational processes, minimising any inefficiencies along the way, we’ve created our own set of services and solutions that work based on over a decade of trial and error, and navigating those hard to do jobs. 

We help you reach your operational goals by aligning your objectives with our services and solutions. Through working together, we help solve cleaning, hygiene management and operational inefficiencies through our products, services and solutions that improve your operational models and team outputs. 

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Elie Wehbe - Operations Manager and Director

“Either, it’s clean or it’s not. You can’t bullsh*t cleaning" Elie has been in the Cleaning Industry for over a decade. Initially cutting his teeth as a cleaner for a variety of Fitness Centers, he began to receive a lot of compliments and eventually gained more gyms in the local area. As Anytime Fitness grew, Elie grew with the entire operation and became head of operations.  


As time went on, Elie learnt everything there was to know about cleaning, chemicals, hygiene and asset maintenance. He has worked on projects small to large, including the Ruby Princess. Shortly after, Elie became one of the most in demand and sort out person for cleaning and hygiene.

Jessica Emily - Client Relations

With a knack for social interaction and human connection, she has worked side by side with Elie and his team for the past 4 years learning everything there is to know about the industry. Never focusing on just selling for the sake of selling, Jessica has really gotten behind the idea of creating a world kept well. 


Through every client interaction and package she puts together, the secret behind her success is knowing what the customer wants, and needs based on their current situation. 


She is the friendly face of Kleanwell. 

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Anthony Wehbe - Operations Assistant

Having learnt the ropes first hand from his older brother, Anthony has often been left in the deep end to navigate situations for himself, and has always come out on top. Anthony is trustworthy, reliable and focused on not just getting the job done, but going above and beyond to think more about the potential problems or issues that may arise. 


For Anthony it is all about understanding the situation, and then finding the right solution.