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We’re a different kind of cleaning company.

We specialise in providing complex and specialised cleaning services across the commercial, construction and industrial sectors.

 At Kleanwell, we are on a mission to create a world kept well. But we know achieving this is not a 1 person job, or to become the biggest cleaning company. Instead, we know it is all about connecting, inspiring and making a difference in all that we do. We believe from little things, big things come. 


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We work across a variety of different industries.


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Trained Cleaners

All of our staff have been trained, up-skilled and certified to clean. But not just clean common areas, all of our cleaners are trained in hazardous waste removal right through to tricky, hard to do jobs like traffic light cleaning.

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State Of The Art Chemicals

A chemical can make or break the effectiveness of your cleaning schedule. We work closely with a variety of chemical manufacturers to use only the right chemical which suits your asset.

Friendly Faces

Our team smiles, and is happy to work with us and with you. We pay our staff above the minimum wage and are proud to do our part against Modern Slavery.

Resilient, Can-Do Attitude

There’s not a job or type of cleaning we haven’t seen. Our team is capable, resilient and flexible to help get the job done.


Working with Elie and his team is a great partnership. We have worked on several projects together, with the most notable being the execution of asset maintenance and management of over 45 traffic lights. After contacting Elie, within a matter of days all items including labour for the job was organised and ready to go.

Robert Diaz

From the outset, let me just say that the quality of the job that the team delivers is outstanding. I know they are very particular with the staff they take on, to ensure they get the job done.

Michael Cristofi

Having worked with Elie and the team at Kleanwell for the last two years, I cannot thank them enough. Prior to Kleanwell I did not have the detailed understanding of the operational execution and quality assurance processes and procedures out there.

Mical Hadar